Aluminum processing

Our pressing dies & molds are of high quality and low cost,
with a short delivery time, and are highly rated and trusted.

The Press Mold Division designs and produces dies & molds, mainly for aluminum sashes.
We are giving technical proposals for users, based on the wealth of know-hows that we have acquired over the years.
We introduced a CAD/CAM-based automated design and production system early on, and brought high-quality, low-cost, rapid-delivery products into reality by streamlining the production process and reducing labor requirements.
Our products are highly rated and trusted by many users.

  • Pressing dies & molds

    Pressing dies & molds

    We design and produce dies & molds, mainly for aluminum sashes, and actively give technical proposals for users, based on the accumulated know-hows of our many years of experience.

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  • Automated Machines

    Automated Machines

    We will help you to develop a total production line, including machining, measurement, and evaluation in the production shop, as well as linkage with production management and other production systems.

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  • Sash-IN


    The Sash-IN aluminum cutting machine is a numerical controlled (NC) machine-tool which requires no special skills and can be used with the feel of a pressing machine, and makes it possible to automate and increase the efficiency of milling and other processes.

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Plastic Molds

Total management of the process, from prototyping to mass-production of plastic molds

Plastic Molds

We are in charge of the design and production of injection molds.
We produce precision molds of complex shape, with high, micrometer precision, which are used for products such as home appliances, AV equipment, automotive parts, and stationery items. We ensure total management of the process from prototyping to mass-production, in collaboration with the Mass Production Molding Division, and have thereby gained considerable trust from user companies.
We are active in materials research, to deal with various plastic molding materials. Our products are used in a wide range of areas.

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Reverse Engineering

High-precision 3D measurement with a 3D scanner (ATOS) and shape-data management

Plastic Molds

  • Conversion of shapes, hand-finished by a craftsman, into digital data
  • Conversion of hand-made prototypes into digital data
  • Restoration of aged mold parts
  • 3D scanning of a 3D model and comparison of dimensions between them

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  • TEL:+81-52-823-2223(general inquiries)
  • FAX:+81-52-821-5209

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For those who require machining of a large variety of aluminum products in small quantitiesf

Sash-IN Shaping aluminium sash hyper INnovator

Sash-IN Shaping aluminium sash hyper INnovator

Sash-IN aluminum cutting machine:processing machine that does not require dies and molds

A factory tour and demonstration of machines in action are available.Please feel free to inquire.

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