Human Resource Development/Benefits

Human Resource Development

  • Training/In-House Study Meeting

    Training/In-House Study Meeting

    Training actively provided, to improve quality and efficiency for employees from young to senior, have a strong sense on that everyone participates in production.
    We have acquired ISO 9001 certification.

  • Activities Aimed at New Technology

    Activities Aimed at New Technology

    Employees on the design and production shop continuously explore new technologies to promote human resource development and production that benefits both customers and societies.


  • Employee Cafeteria

    Employee Cafeteria

    High-quality work emerges from a high-quality work environment.
    A bright and spacious cafeteria designed for the comfort of employees.

  • Tennis court

    Rooftop Plaza

    Employees are welcomed to engage in refreshing physical activities, such as tennis, badminton or catch.

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  • TEL:+81-52-823-2223(general inquiries)
  • FAX:+81-52-821-5209

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For those who require machining of a large variety of aluminum products in small quantities

Sash-IN Shaping aluminium sash hyper INnovator

Sash-IN Shaping aluminium sash hyper INnovator

Sash-IN aluminum cutting machine:processing machine that does not require dies and molds

A factory tour and demonstration of machines in action are available.Please feel free to inquire.

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