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  • Aluminum Processing Machine
    Aluminum Processing Machine

    Aluminum sashes produced with our molds are used in many houses and public buildings, and contribute to society both in functionality and aesthetics.We actively generate technical proposals for users, taking advantage of the wealth of know-hows that we have acquired over the years.

  • Plastic molds/Reverse engineering
    Plastic molds/Reverse engineering

    We produce precision molds of complex shape, with high, micrometer precision, which are used for products such as home appliances, AV equipment, automotive parts, and stationery items.We repair molds and manage mold data, with high-precision 3D measurement using a 3D scanner (ATOS).

Sash-IN Shaping aluminium sash hyper INnovator

Sash-IN Shaping aluminium sash hyper INnovator

Sash-IN aluminum cutting machine:processing machine that does not require dies and molds

A factory tour and demonstration of machines in action are available.Please feel free to inquire.

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